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Welcome to Bottle Flip 3D unblocked games 76, a fun game where you control a bottle. But your unusual character can move – it easily jumps from one place to another. You have definitely heard of the popular bottle flip entertainment, where you have to manipulate the bottle in the air and land it correctly, but this online entertainment offers you a whole new challenge. Now, your bottle will become a live personage that will perform the most unexpected stunts in the air. And it will entirely depend on you how successful each stunt will be!

Jump like a pro!

The trajectory of the bottle moves is impressive. Jump from the sofa to the table. Then return to the piano again, do a somersault in the air and land on the table. Your task will be to use the proper strength for each jump so as not to go too far and fall too low. The game offers a variety of environments, each presenting a new set of challenges. Players flip bottles across desks, shelves, and other surfaces, adding diversity to the gameplay. Do not forget to collect gems on your way. These bonuses allow you to unlock new cool bottles and modes. Enjoy this unconventional challenge in Bottle Flip 3D!

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