Sonic Revert


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Sonic Revert unblocked games 76 represent a fresh take on traditional Sonic gameplay. You will enjoy a unique mechanic where Sonic is controlled akin to a car when he runs. Players can engage in both a single-player game version or compete in online multiplayer races for an unforgettable experience. Several classic Sonic mechanics, including the homing attack, have undergone modifications. It all adds a new layer of strategy to the gameplay.

Collect enough golden rings!

Drawing inspiration from Trackmania tracks, the level design is a thrilling combination of high-speed racing and classic Sonic obstacles, featuring spikes and various other hazards. As in the original game, the protagonist will come across golden rings during his run. Make sure he collects them all! Sometimes, it will be a true struggle to control the personage at this crazy speed. But do not give up too soon. Try to adapt to the tracks and avoid all barriers. Prepare for an exciting Sonic adventure with a twist in Sonic Revert! Meet this restless hedgehog and have fun alone or together with friends!

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