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Do you love cookies? And what about making them? Do not worry if you have never done it before. It is simpler than you may think. It is only virtual entertainment. But still, you can check your skills and strategies and become a real cookie magnate! Everything starts in a really simple way. Just launch the game, and you will see a big cookie on the screen. Now you need to follow a simple instruction – just click on it! Every click will produce another cookie. So it is as simple as that! The more you make, the more money you will have. But you must optimize your production!

Earn and invest!

As soon as you have your first profits, think about how to invest your money with the best return. You can purchase various upgrades that will help you speed up your cookie output. Consequently, you will have more income, too. Develop a strategy to boost your small business and turn it into a powerful enterprise. You will need to make wise purchases to maximize your profits. Start now to see whether you are capable of transforming one cookie into a big empire. Check your skills right now!

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